An outstanding course

An outstanding course

by Jean-Luc Oesch -
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The "internet planet" offers many online language courses, from the most serious to the less serious, the latter promising you to learn any language in less than six months, mostly focusing on speedy conversation. This is not what this course is about.

This present course is the most structured that I have found on internet, putting the learning of the character first, which is a fundamental point. Everything evolves around the learning of characters.

Then the vocabulary and variants come, followed by a contextual learning of sentences and progressive texts. This material is quite incredible and will give to any learner resources to go further in learning by himself or herself. Hence this is also the main advantage of this course, to build the capacity and skills of the learner by encouraging him or her to repeat, to pass tests and also by offering the possibility to have interactive exchanges on the forum.

In addition, this is a very reasonable price for such an offer. 

I am profoundly indebted to the teacher who created this course and who transmitted so well the love of mandarin, which brought me to beginner to intermediate level, and more to come, as learning Chinese is a lifetime adventure!