Chinese courses designed for business

« Gain trust before success. »

Chinese proverb

Learning a language is not just for communicating, but for genuinely understanding the other and building a relationship of trust. offers comprehensive Mandarin Chinese course while integrating Chinese culture.

«With my experience in business as a sworn translator, I have developed a method that meets the needs of the professional world »

More than language, cultural codes are the first obstacle to good relations between people of different origins. While offering the best linguistic pedagogy for a self-learner,’s training courses approach Chinese culture in a progressive way, first from the point of view of the Westerner who discovers China and then from the point of view of the Chinese. for a comprehensive approach.

做 事 先 做 人

Chinese languageTraining is a digital platform for learning Chinese language and culture:



Because it enables the learner to acquire the fundamental Chinese language skills. It is a «core» method which, to use a testimonial from the site, aims to form the backbone of your learning Mandarin Chinese.



Because each level and each lesson introduces new contents clearly. Levels are progressive and new concepts are well identified. Difficulties are isolated, explained, worked on and then gradually introduced with already acquired knowledge.



Because previously studied material is reviewed in different situations during all the learning progress in order to fully understand its various aspects. The Chinese language is very rich and it is counterproductive to want to explain everything at once at the beginning. It is therefore very important to revisit previous material (characters, vocabulary words, grammar, pronunciation, cultural point) and to re-use it in different contexts.



Between theory and practice. 16 years of experience teaching Mandarin Chinese have allowed me to find the right balance between practice of the language and theoretical notions in order to make the progression as optimal as possible.

Simplified and traditional writing

Courses are built on simplified writing used in mainland China. Learning traditional writing is optional, but it is logically integrated into the overall progression of courses in order to maximise the acquisition of both forms of writing. The learning speed is considerably increased and the transition from one writing to another becomes intuitive.

Écriture simplifiée et traditionnelle

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