The Choice...

The Choice...

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My name is Osmond, I am a 74 year old retired Brazilian who, after a long research on the internet, discovered this course; and, who decided to add it to his other life projects.

Then, my friends asked me - Why did you prefer to take a Chinese Course created by a Frenchman in France in English instead of one in your native language (Portuguese) done by a Chinese in Brazil? Here we have many of them very good and for free!

I gave them two answers:

First, only a foreigner knows exactly what a foreigner's difficulties are. The Chinese language is so different from our Roman language that teaching needs a special look by those who are not native speakers, about the difficulties to be encountered.

Second, teaching the Chinese language is not easy. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge, theory and practice (which Mr. Tianxiang has a lot). I am talking with the experience of someone who was also a teacher (in my areas of expertise - IT and Finance).

As we speak in my country - a good choice, so enjoy it ....