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My name is Cécile, I am 59 years old. I am retired after having worked as a nursing assistant.

To occupy this new free time, I wanted to learn about sumi-e (Chinese painting); but to acquire the gesture of the brush it is advisable to carry out with the calligraphy which has the same fingering and the flexibility of the wrist ... So I enrolled in a course.

But now, drawing characters whose meaning I do not know bothered me. So why not learn the language?

While searching on the internet, I "peeled" the various sites offered and my choice fell on "Learn-chinese.online". The program seemed complete to me.

I registered in January 2019 and I am delighted with my choice. I did the first 2 levels easily with very good results.

Currently, I am starting HSK3 and there the level gets a little thicker, but I do not despair. It will just take me longer ...

At the same time, I use the HSK and Hello Chinese applications to revise during the day in a more fun way. My library is also growing.

All in all, when we start studying the Chinese language, the whole country wins us over.

I would like to thank you Mr. Tianxiang Li for the richness of your courses and all the work of organizing your site which is well structured. Thank you also for your videos. It's a nice little extra to look at.

Truly yours,