Graphic components of lesson 1

Learn Chinese : graphic components of lesson 1

Here are the radicals or more exactly the graphic components of the characters of this first lesson.

3 components: man , roof and small

2 components: man and viper or vase

3 components: 丿 falling leftwards stroke , a variant of the hand () and a halberd .

2 components: a step and phonetic element "gen": the chinese characters formed with this component end in "en".

2 components: the women and the child.

2 components: the mouth and the horse.

3 components: the mouth, the corpse and the spoon.

2 components: the down box and the son.

a component and three fundamental strokes (two horizontal and one vertical): the down box.

is composed of four fundamental strokes (horizontal, falling leftwards, vertical, falling rightwards). But is not in the list of 214 radicals. However, it is a basic graphic element. It is for this reason that some teachers speak of a "graphic element" rather than a "radical".

Here is the list of the graphical components of this lesson:
viper or vase
a variant of the hand
a halberd
a step
phonetic element "gen"
the women
the child
the mouth
the horse
the corpse
the spoon
the down box
the son

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