Learn Chinese: dialogue 6 in traditional characters

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Recording of the dialogue:


* In China, if we are familiar with someone, we add Xiǎo or Lǎo in front of the name of our interlocutor, according to whether the person is respectively younger or older.
* le can be placed just after the verb to indicate that the action is completed. This syntax is discussed in more detail in Level 2.


Wang: "Hi ! Is Miss Li there?
Mr. Li: She's not at home right now. She has not come back.
Wang: What time is she coming back?
Mr. Li: She's back at 3:00. Who are you ?
Wang: Excuse me. My name is Wang, WANG Xiaomming. I'm a classmate of Miss Li. I invited her to come and see me.
Mr. Li: Her phone number is 136594872.
Wang: Thank you. I call her right now. "

Wang: "Hello, are you Xiaoli?
Miss Li: Yes, who are you?
Wang: I'm Laowang. When can you come to see me?
Miss Li: I can not come this afternoon.
Wang: And tomorrow?
Miss Li: I cannot come tomorrow morning either. (But) I can come tomorrow afternoon.
Wang: What time can you come?
Miss Li: At 2:20 pm is it ok?
Wang: All right, see you tomorrow!
Miss Li: See you tomorrow. "

Wang: "Here you are, I'm glad you can come to see me.
Miss Li: Me too! "

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