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  • Welcome to the training course in Mandarin Chinese for HSK Level 1!

    This course is for beginners in Mandarin Chinese Language. It offers a complete Chinese course based on the internationally recognized Level 1 of the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) program.

    To learn Chinese in the best possible way, follow the order of the course as presented in each section. Some exercises come before the lesson so as to prepare it and others come after the lesson for practice and to test your knowledge.

    • Lesson 1 Greetings

      Language competences: to acquire the basics of Chinese pronunciation and writing; learn how to greet, thank, ask if someone is fine.

      New words: 11
      New Chinese characters: 10

      Grammar: simple sentence, yes or no questions; adjectival verb; particle

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    • Lesson 2 Politeness

      Language competences: to learn how to greet politely, ask forgiveness, say thank you, please, etc.

      New words: 12 Total at this level: 24
      New Chinese characters: 16 Total at this level: 24

      Grammar: Plural, adverb , please

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    • Lesson 3 Self-Introduction

      Language competences: to know how to introduce yourself (surname, first name, nice to meet you, etc.)

      New words: 17 Total at this level: 41
      New Chinese characters: 21 Total at this level: 47

      Grammar: the verb ‘to be’ ; Open-ended questions; The Affirmative-negative questions; and ; Structural particle .

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    • Lesson 4 Languages and countries

      Language competences: how to ask questions, how to answer when asked about nationality, where one lives, if one can speak a foreign language; how to convey the idea of totality.

      New words: 29 Total at this level: 70
      New Chinese characters: 21 Total at this level: 68

      Grammar: interrogative word ; the adverb ; and the adverbial phrase of place; the verb .

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    • Lesson 5 Numbers - date - age

      Language competences: counting in Chinese; asking for date and age.

      New words: 26 Total at this level: 96
      New Chinese characters: 21 Total at this level: 89

      Grammar: natural numbers, date and age, and the subordinate clause.

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    • Lesson 6 - Time

      Language competences: telling the time; use of simple directional complements; to make a call; to locate in time (punctual time and complements of time).

      New words: 27 Total at this level: 123
      New Chinese characters: 22 Total at this level: 111

      Grammar: the modal particle , the time, punctual time and duration, simple directionals, verb-object (separable verbs), and 一点儿.

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    • Lesson 7 - Family and work

      Language competences: talking about family and work; to know how to use classifiers (measure words).

      New words: 19 Total at this level: 142
      New Chinese characters: 20 Total at this level: 131

      Grammar: classifiers; demonstratives; the conjunction ; the verbs and , omission of particle .

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    • Lesson 8 - Description

      Language competences: To be able to say what we own, to describe and to locate.

      New words: 21 Total at this level: 163
      New Chinese characters: 19 Total at this level: 150

      Grammar: classifiers and ; location words.

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    • Lesson 9 - Shopping

      Language competences: talking about shopping, transport and weather.

      New words: 29 Total at this level: 192
      New Chinese characters: 20 Total at this level: 170

      Grammar: two ways to translate "how much?" ; transport and adverbial complement of means; the enumeration comma; the probability.

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    • Lesson 10 - Likes and dislikes

      Language competences: likes and dislikes, complex sentence, emphasizing with the 是…的 structure, to be in the process of,...

      New words: 19 Total at this level: 211
      New Chinese characters: 17 Total at this level: 187

      Grammar: the structure for emphasizing; the object-verb; various structures for expressing "in the process of".

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    • HSK test simulation with random questions and time limit

      HSK test simulations draw at random all Level 1 questions within the same time limit as set in actual HSK tests (15 minutes for listening comprehension and 17 minutes for reading comprehension)

      In the real HSK test, the recordings of each question are played twice and follow each other without pause. For more realism, I invite you to listen to each recording twice.

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    • Additional texts

      In this section you will find additional texts written with the characters of the level 1 program, but with other combinations to form new words and expressions that are not in the HSK program.

      These texts are written in a deliberately authentic style, with very Chinese expressions that go beyond the HSK program.

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