Learn Chinese: phonetic and vocabulary 10

Note: when a translation of a character is in brackets, this means that this character cannot be used alone. This does not mean that it has no meaning, just as the roots of words in our Western languages.

ài : to love

xǐhuan : to like

: to drink. The e must be pronounced very open.

chī : to eat. The i is a close vowel (/ɨ/ )after ch.

fàn : food, cooked rice

guǎn : (building / term for certain service establishments)

fànguǎn : restaurant

cài : vegetable / dish / food

zhōngguócài : Chinese food

tài : too much

shuì : (to sleep)

jiào : (slumber)

shuìjiào : to sleep

fēi : to fly

: (machine)

fēijī : plane

yǐng : (shadow)

diànyǐng : movie

kàn diànyǐng : to watch movie

: (to read)

dúshū : to study (intransitive)

xuéxí : to learn

tīng : to listen

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