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Xie Fei's phone call

Xie Fei: Hello, Li Liang?
Li Liang: Who is this? I'm Li Liang.
Xie Fei: It's Xie Fei. Next Saturday is Wang Yue's birthday, what do you think about having dinner together? Li Liang: Where would we have dinner?
Xie Fei: At my place. Call Qian Ming to tell him to join us.
Li Liang: Okay, Qian Ming is with me right now.
Qian Ming: I'm going to buy some fruit, what do you think?
Xie Fei: OK, Wang Yue likes fruit, thank you in advance!
Qian Ming: Please, we are all friends.
Li Liang: I'm going to buy tea cups, what do you think? Wang Yue also likes to drink tea.
Xie Fei: Alright. She will be very happy. I would cook Chinese food, will that be okay?
Li Liang: Yes yes, I like when you cook Chinese, it's so good!
Qian Ming: Me too.
Xie Fei: So see you next Saturday.
Li Liang: OK, bye!
Qian Ming: See you next week.

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