This final exercise is the most difficult. It trains the writing skill. Please translate the text from English to Chinese (in Chinese characters of course!) The Chinese text is intentionally hidden to facilitate the exercise. You just need to click to show the text in simplified or traditional characters according to your choice.
You are unlikely to be able to translate the entire text on the first try. It is best to proceed sentence by sentence.
Then do the same exercise orally.

Nice to meet you

Qian Ming and I met on the plane to China. We were seated together:
Qian Ming: Hello sir, my name is Qian Ming, nice to meet you.
Li Liang: Hello, my name is Li Liang, nice to meet you. Qian Ming? It is the Qian (money) of "how much does it cost", and the Ming of "tomorrow"?
Qian Ming: That's right. I am English and I am going to Beijing to study Chinese. And you ?
Li Liang: I am French and have worked in Beijing for several years. Are you a student ?
Qian Ming: Yes, I am 19 years old. I am in the Chinese language department at Beijing University. Let's become friends, okay?
Li Liang: Okay. I'm 26 years old. You came to China alone. Your parents are not here. When you don't have class, come and eat at my place.
Qian Ming: Great, thank you.

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