This final exercise is the most difficult. It trains the writing skill. Please translate the text from English to Chinese (in Chinese characters of course!) The Chinese text is intentionally hidden to facilitate the exercise. You just need to click to show the text in simplified or traditional characters according to your choice.
You are unlikely to be able to translate the entire text on the first try. It is best to proceed sentence by sentence.
Then do the same exercise orally.

Hello 2022!

I am a French living in Beijing. My Chinese name is LI Liang. I work in China. Here I have two friends. One is American. He's a student, he's learning Chinese here. His name is QIAN Ming. The other is Chinese. He is a doctor. His name is XIE Fei. When I'm not working I like to drink tea or watch movies with them. Today we eat in the restaurant. There are a lot of people in the restaurant and everyone is happy. In a moment it will be midnight (12 o'clock). People stood up and invited everyone to say together: "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, goodbye 2021! Hello 2022!"

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