The objective is not to relearn everything, but to be able to switch from simplified to traditional characters and vice versa.

To do so, study traditional characters in the same ways as simplified characters, but after completing the lesson in simplified characters.

To optimize memorization, pay special attention to the structure and components of the character.

Then do the traditional characters practice exercise. Its objective is to train you to switch between simplified and traditional characters through simple formative exercises.

Finally, proceed to the study of the text / synthesis dialogue by following these steps:

  1. You must be able to read it aloud, and understand it. This is the first step: reading trains your reading comprehension. Reading aloud trains your pronunciation. (Different languages ​​do not use the same muscles in your speech system, so they must be trained to pronounce Mandarin Chinese correctly).
  2. The next exercise consists of writing the Chinese text and translating it into English, without looking at the translation. This exercise is fairly easy, but it trains writing and fixes the structures of Chinese sentences through kinesthetic (gestural) memory.
  3. The last exercise is to write in Chinese from English, it is the most difficult. When you get there without error, the "traditional writing" section can be considered as achieved.
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