Learn Chinese: dialogue 10

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Recording of the dialogue:


Wang: "What is Miss Li doing?"
Li: She's sleeping!
Wang: It is (already) 11 hours and she is sleeping! She really likes to sleep too much!
Li: It's not that she likes to sleep, she loves to sleep. What's the matter with you?
Wang: I would like to invite her to eat.
Li: You wish to invite her to eat which kind of food?
Wang: Chinese food.
Li: She does not like Chinese food.
Wang: Okay. So I'm going to invite her to go to the cinema.
Li: Can I go with you?
Wang: You're not studying?
Li: I do not want to study anymore. I would like to go out.
Wang: Okay. Let's go to the cinema all three of us.
Li: When are we going?
Wang: At 6:20 pm tonight. What do you think?
Li: All right. How are we going?
Wang: By taxi! You cannot fly to the movies!
Li: Alright, alright. See you tonight.
Wang: See you tonight. "

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