Learn Chinese: dialogue 8

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Recording of the dialogue:


Mom: "Xiaoming, where are dad's clothes?"
Xiaoming: Dad's clothes are on the chair.
Mother: No! I have not seen them!
Xiaoming: Sorry, they are not on the chair, they are under the chair.
Mom: What is this?
Xiaoming: This is my stuff. Inside there are my books, some nice cups and my computer.
Mom: What about your television?
Xiaoming: I do not have a TV, I have a computer.
Mum: These Chinese tea cups are very pretty.
Xiaoming: Yes, these are my friend's things.
Mom: What's under the chair?
Xiaoming: It's a cat. This is my friend's cat. She has dogs and cats. I also want to have dogs and cats.
Mom: We do not have money. You can not have a cat or a dog. Where does your friend live?
Xiaoming: She lives behind our house. In front of her house is our school. "

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