Learn Chinese: dialogue 7 in traditional characters

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Recording of the dialogue:


* The number 1 is generally pronounced yāo in a number enumeration (telephone number, serial number, etc.)


(Student) Wang: "Hello professor Li.
Professor Li: Hello.
Wang: This is my father and mother.
Professor Li: Nice to meet you. Who is this person?
Wang: This is my girlfriend. Her name is Marie. She is French.
Professor Li: Does your friend speak Chinese?
Wang: She can't. She really wants to learn Chinese. Professor Li, do you have a son?
Professor Li: I do not have a son. I have a daughter. Look, she's over there.
Wang: She's very pretty. How old is she?
Professor Li: She's 27 years old.
Wang: What does she do?
Professor Li: She's a doctor, she works at the Beijing hospital. And your parents?
Wang: My dad is a teacher. He does not work in my school. My mom does not work. She does not want to work anymore.
Professor Li: What work do you want to do?
Wang: I want to be a Chinese teacher.
Professor Li: When did your parents arrive in China?
Wang: They arrived in June this year. They return to France in August.
Professor Li: Wang, I forgot your phone number.
Wang: My phone (number) is 13452986500.
Professor Li: Thank you, see you tomorrow!
Wang: You're welcome. See you tomorrow."

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