Learn Chinese: dialogue 4 in traditional characters

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Recording of the dialogue:


Xiaoming: "Can you speak French?
Professor LI: Sorry, I can't speak French.
Xiaoming: It does not matter. Can you speak English?
Professor LI: Sorry, I can't speak English either.
Xiaoming: What is your nationality?
Professor LI: I'm Chinese. I can speak Chinese and also Japanese.
Xiaoming: What is your family name?
Professor LI: My family name is LI. I'm Professor LI. And you?
Xiaoming: My family name is DUPOND, my name is DUPOND Charles.
Professor LI: What is your Chinese name?
Xiaoming: My Chinese name is (is called) WANG Xiaoming. I am the student Wang.
Professor LI: Nice to meet you. What is your nationality?
Xiaoming: I'm French.
Professor LI: Where do you live?
Xiaoming: I live in Beijing. And you?
Professor LI: I also live in Beijing. I am a Beijinger. Are your classmates all French?
Xiaoming: They are not all French. They all study Chinese. None of them speak Japanese.
Professor LI: It does not matter. Can you speak English, French and Chinese?
Xiaoming: Yes.
Professor LI: Can you write Chinese characters?
Xiaoming: Yes.
Professor LI: Where did you learn Chinese?
Xiaoming: I studied Chinese in France. I also study Chinese in Beijing, China.
Professor LI: Goodbye!
Xiaoming: Goodbye!

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