Learn Chinese: synthesis dialogue 3 in traditional characters

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Recording of the dialogue:


M.Dupond: "Good morning!
Marie: Good morning!
Mr. Dupond: Who is he?
Marie: He's my teacher.
Mr. Dupond: What is your teacher's family name?
Marie: His family name is LI. This is Professor LI.
Mr. Dupond: Is your teacher good?
Marie: He's very good.
Mr. Dupond: What about her? Who is she ?
Marie: She's my classmate.
Mr. Dupond: What is her family name?
Mary: Her family name is Wang.
Mr. Dupond: What's her name?
Mary: Her name is Wang Xiaoming.
Mr. Dupond: Good morning, Miss Wang.
Miss Wang: Good morning, Mr. Dupond. Nice to meet you !
Mr. Dupond: Nice to meet you too.
Miss Wang: Do you know our teacher?
Mr. Dupond: Sorry, I do not know him.
Miss Wang: It does not matter.
Mr. Dupond: Is he Professor LI?
Miss Wang: That's right! "

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