Learn Chinese: phonetic and vocabulary 8

Note: when a translation of a character is in brackets, this means that this character cannot be used alone. This does not mean that it has no meaning, just as the roots of words in our Western languages.

: (west)

dōng : (east)

dōngxī : east-west

dōngxi : thing. Note that it is the loss of the tone of which distinguishes between "east-west" and "thing".

diànnǎo : computer (literally "electric brain")

diànshì : television (literally "electric vision")

shū : book

xiē : plural classifier

bēi : classifier for glasses and cups

bēizi : glass, cup

chá : tea, herbal tea

chábēi : tea cup

qián : money. Reminder: q is pronounced as 'ts' with an explosion of air.

zhuōzi : table

yǐzi : chair

māo : cat

gǒu : dog

hòumian : behind

qiánmian : in front of

: in

yīfu : garment

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